Word of God Program at Family Mass

Dear Parents,

Happy Fall! School is back in session and so is St. Julia’s Children’s Word of God program. We are writing to tell you about this exciting and engaging program for young children to learn more about our Catholic faith. Each Sunday at the 9am Family Mass during the school year, children ages infants through Kindergarten are led to the Parish Center during the readings and homily to participate in the program which brings God’s word to children with age-appropriate stories, games and crafts.

The program is led by volunteer parents who follow a guide in the Children’s Lectionary to lead a 20-minute experience for the children. Additional materials and activities are available in the Parish Hall to make the experience fun and memorable. Parents are invited to participate alongside their children –we encourage families to attend the sessions together!

Here is a testimonial from parents whose children attend the program:

“The Word of God program has been a blessing for my family. My four and two year old children relate to the stories in the readings through the activities and crafts that the group participates in. When I had the opportunity to lead the group, preparing the activity has fostered meaningful conversations with my children about Jesus and our faith.”

We invite you to join us during the 9am Family Mass, which will be starting soon, and experience the Children’s Word of God program for yourself. You will not be disappointed. If you are interested in learning more about the program or becoming a volunteer, please contact Carolyn Hastings by email or phone, 610-283-0316.



A BIG Thank You!

thankyou_ArizonaThank you to Fr. Paul Kenney, Don Boecke, Margie Dermady & Christ Connell who completed the EMPOWER CORE training this past weekend. It was great spending the retreat/training day with you. Your spirit and leadership is a total blessing to the youth of Saint Julia Parish.


The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Reflecting on God’s WordReflecting on God's Word

“Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your life?” It’s a good question, but also a haunting one that makes us so edgy and anxious that we wonder if our life is real at all. It’s the sort of question we’d sometimes rather not even hear, much less attempt to answer. So what is it that you plan to do with your life? We say we’re going to get married and raise a family. Or we’re going to get a job that pays well. Or we’re going to play professional baseball or football or some such thing when we grow up. Or we’re going to retire and enjoy life. So what is it that you plan to do with your life? There is only one life, after all, one to spend lavishly or cautiously, one to treasure or squander or hoard, one to laugh with or cry with or maybe just sit in a daze with for sixty or seventy or eighty years. The trouble is, or perhaps more honestly the sadness is, that few of us ever answer that gentle but probing question, because we don’t know. What God did was to give away what was most precious, God’s only Son, so that we might find life. And what Jesus did was to empty himself, so that God could fill him with life and exalt him. It seems that while you and I are preoccupied with finding meaning by filling our lives, the divine instinct is to empty life so that meaning might find us.

—Rev. Joseph J. Juknialis

All begins October 5th!

Religious Education begins the week of October 5. RE LOGO

Be sure that you complete a registration form and submit to the Faith Formation Office.
We will be happy to collect them at our Parish Picnic on September 14.

Our first catechist meeting is on Monday, September 15 in the St. Julia’s Parish Center. Kathy Krane, from Sadlier Publications, will walk through the textbooks with us, and help us locate all the resources available to us.

All parents and catechists are invited to attend the Blessing of Catechists on Catechetical Sunday, September 21, at 10:00 in the Parish Center.

For more information, contact Cindy Harrington at 978-549-4553.

Middle & High School YM Kick-Off

Middle & High School YM Kick-OffPlain_Cross

The Annual Kick-Off begins with the 5pm Youth Mass and continues to the Parish Center Hall until 8pm. All Middle-School & High-School youth and at least one parent are expected to attend. Light refreshments and drinks will be served.

Sign Up Now!

 Sunday, September 28th

5pm Youth Mass-8pm

Saint Julia Church & Parish Center

Catechetical Sunday & CORE Training

Catechetical Sunday & CORE TrainingYM Logo

All are welcome to join one of our CORE teams! The CORE is made up of parents, adults, young adults and high-school teens who pass on the Catholic faith through relational ministry. We begin the year with the Catechetical Sunday & CORE training at the 5pm Youth Mass and con-tinue into the Parish Center Hall until 8pm. The CORE will receive a special blessing at Mass. Please invite your family and friends as we recognize our CORE members. Light refreshments and drinks will be served during the CORE Training.

Sunday, September 21st 2014

5pm Youth Mass-8pm

Saint Julia Parish Center Hall

Youth Ministry Registration

Student RegistrationYM Logo

We are still accepting Student Registrations until Sunday, September 28th for Middle & High School Youth Ministry.

Download the Student Registration Packet and return it to the Faith Formation Office.

Café Julia Opens Her Doors!

Cafe_JuliaCafé Julia open her doors on Sunday, October 5th: Café Julia, our parish’s social coffee and conversation hour between the 9:00 and 11:15 Weston Masses, will start up for the year October 5th. If you or your family would be willing to sponsor a Cafe Julia by picking up coffee and breakfast treats (donuts, danish, tea breads or the like) and helping be host for a weekend, please call or email Andrea Jackson at 781-899-2611.


“He Who Sings, Prays Twice”

“He Who Sings, Prays Twice”Choir

The choirs in St. Julia Parish are undertaking a new season over the next several weeks, so it is an ideal time to welcome new members. The St. Joseph Church Choir in Lincoln is a small, friendly and committed group who would be most happy to have a few more singers, either high school students or adults. This choir is especially in need of sopranos, who often sing the melody on congregational pieces. If you are an enthusiastic singer, please consider contributing to the parish through singing in the choir. Rehearsals are on most Wednesdays at 7:00 and on occasional Sundays after the 10:30 Mass. If you would like additional details, please speak to Mary Lou Sallee after mass or contact her at 978-392-0690.

The Choir in Weston also welcomes new members. This choir sings at the 11:15 Mass and rehearses most Thursdays at 8 PM. Teenagers are welcome to join this choir or to assist as youth cantors at our 9 AM Family Mass or in a youth ensemble at the 5 PM Youth Mass. Scheduling is flexible if your schedule won’t allow a weekly commitment. For further information, please contact Brian Moll after mass or 617-548-5841.

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

Dear Parishioners,

Here in St. Julia Parish, we are now quite used to having deacons serve us. For each of six years in the earlier part of the past decade we welcomed a “transitional deacon” in the final year of preparation for priesthood at Pope St. John Seminary, South Ave-nue, Weston. You will remember Ray Levreault, Rafael Galvez-Pineda, Dan Pisano, David Greenfield, Paul Murray and Bill Hearne, all of whom are now priests in diverse parts of our country.

Since 20011 we have been served by a “permanent deacon” (a deacon not on his way to priesthood, and usually married), Guy St. Sauveur. At the start of 2014 Rafe Brown came to serve also as permanent deacon. We are blessed to have both of them in our midst. They very much make my ministry easier, and for all of us they bring alive the Gospel, a part of the Mass which is always the deacon’s to pro-claim.

Permanent deacons, who are clergymen shar-ing in the sacrament of Holy Orders and thus in the ordained ministry of Jesus Christ, usually carry out their work in addition to their vocations as full-time secular workers and to their sacred calls to be husbands and fathers. That is the case with both our deacons, whose wives, Sheila (Deacon Guy) and Lynn (Deacon Rafe), are important supports for all they do. These two deacons each serve liturgically along the full spectrum of our various Masses on many week-ends. So, each weekend Mass gets a deacon once in a while. Beyond these Masses, they give themselves to us pastorally in ways that fit their schedules and interests, in tandem with the parish’s needs. In a spe-cial way, deacons are considered ministers of charity.

I thank these men for serving us, and I invite men of our parish to consider the permanent diaco-nate. It comes with no salary, and with the need for a few years of after-work-hours of spiritual, pastoral and theological preparation, but it is wonderful for the right person and a great blessing for the Church. In our midst we have two fine men you can consult about the possibility.

Our sympathy and our prayerful support go to Deacon Guy, whose father, Charles St. Sauveur, died recently, almost a year after Deacon Guy’s mother’s death. May he rest in the peace of Christ.


Father George Evans

© 2014 Saint Julia Parish

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