July 27, 2014

Dear Parishioners, Following Jesus Christ means keeping informed about His teachings and about how to spread His message. So, I've set up a table in the gathering space of St. Julia Church. There are just a few copies of some good books, offered for a reasonable price. Each book contains an envelope with a speciied price; ...Read more →

Reflecting on God’s Word

In his book Live and Learn and Pass It On, H. Jackson Brown, Jr. has published some lists of the lessons that people have learned in life. These contain one-liners that capture the wisdom gained by youngsters and oldsters through their everyday adventures. Clearly these sayings give expression to the voice of experience. So why does ...Read more →

Reflecting on God’s Word

Our experience of the world is often an experience of opposites: truth and lies, goodness and evil, beauty and ugliness. They are found in intimate proximity, often on the same page of the news- paper or in the same half-hour news report, and intertwined in the same human heart. Their existence is connected to human ...Read more →

July 20, 2014

          Dear Parishioners, See a whole-page letter / book description I have placed elsewhere in this bulletin. It has to do with my making available multiple copies of some good books I have accumulated. You may want to stop by the table in the gathering space of St. Julia Church, to browse and maybe to purchase. Proceeds ...Read more →

Reflecting on God’s Word

When we see the straight rows of crops growing tall and healthy at this time of year, we know that farmers plant very carefully to guarantee the highest yield. But that’s not the way the farmer in today’s parable plants. This farmer takes a big risk, it seems. Throwing seed around indiscriminately, some of it ...Read more →

July 13, 2014

          Dear Parishioners, Our regional vicar for the West region of the archdiocese, Bishop Walter Edyvean, is leaving that role since he has reached the age of 75. He deserves our thanks for his faithful service in our area. May his ministry as bishop connue in a new, less rigorous way. Succeeding Bishop Edyvean in that capacity ...Read more →

Reflecting on God’s Word

When you think of a king coming before his people, the image of someone riding on a donkey does not come to mind. If the Lone Ranger had Silver and Roy Rogers had Trigger, a similar white  stallion would seem most itting for a king. Not an ass, even a purebred one. But this image ...Read more →

July 6, 2014

          Dear Parishioners, Pope Francis talks a lot about evangelization, an often misunderstood word. We tend to picture people knocking on doors and trying to push their religious beliefs on those of other churches or faiths --- like holding their hearers captive! Considered in this way, it leaves a sour taste in our mouths. The truth is ...Read more →

Sacred Threads presents Margaret Silf

Sacred Threads presents Margaret Silf. Plan to attends a day retreat on Saturday, July 12 from 9:30AM to 3PM in St. Julia Parish Hall. Cost is $45.  Lunch will be served. RSVP Marie at 781-899-2871 or Read more →

June 29, 2014

Dear Parishioners, Independence Day comes on Friday of this week. Our daily Mass will be in St. Joseph Church, and it will be at 9 AM, since that is the time of the regular Friday Mass. This is one of those few holidays that does not go to a Monday, which is one of the weekdays ...Read more →
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